China Rises

I traveled to China last year in May as part of a tour to visit Dharma relatives, and temples associated with my Transmission line. I’ve been reflecting on the trip and writing notes for our Orders in-house Journal.

“Do I really want to get out of bed”? The night before, from my vantage point, I’d seen and heard the junks plying the river below. Beyond that, the city twinkled into infinity. For a long moment I remained still. “What on earth is out there”? The noise from the street market beside the hotel was incredible. Eventually I got up and went to the window. It was the stark contrasts; the close proximity of the old and the new, the impoverished and rich, the sordid and the glistening, all of that captured my attention initially. Latter however I came to know the heart of ancient China, very much still alive to-day.


Last Sunday evening at 8.00 pm the CBC, Canadian TV company, aired the first two parts of China Rises a documentary looking at developments in China. The second two parts will be aired next Sunday at the same time. It’s well worth a look if you are in Canada, or if you’re not the web site is interesting.

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