Classic Cat

Molly – right here, right now and on the altar!

If you can disappear when all about you
Are madly searching for you everywhere,
And then just when they start to leave without you
Turn up as if you always were right there…
After Rudyard Kipling

Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse, Henry Beard.

Thanks now to Molly and all at the Berkeley Buddhist Priory including all those who I’ve seen and spent time with during the past ten days. I was so glad to catch the Molly cat peacefully perched on an altar – waiting.

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4 thoughts on “Classic Cat”

  1. This reminded me of Matthew (Matty) Cat (former resident at Reading Priory) who, when I was moving a relatively short distance, had disappeared when it came to leave.
    Everything had been planned – he & the dog had been left in the empty house while I got the new place sorted for them. I hadn’t bargained for Matthew shooting out as soon as I opened the door!
    I had just decided I would have to come back for him the next day when I spotted him sitting in a tree in the garden watching me.

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