How Words Are Made

This word – instantagiousness – just has to be lifted out of the comment section and elevated to a post all of its own. So here we have it. As the inventor of this wonderful term says, It’s happening all the time! So tempting start thinking of the possible meanings isn’t? And if the meaning is true…or not. But life is short – let us simply enjoy. Here below is a quote from a site I visit from time to time. The title of the piece is Is This A Word. As far as I am concerned, instantagiousness is a word. Thanks to its maker, it is great to see you in the comment section.

Blending. Taking the end of one word and sticking it on the beginning of another is an extremely common process that accounts for a large proportion of all new words this century: digiverse (the online world, from digital + universe); videorazzi (celebrity-chasing photographers with video cameras, from video + paparazzi); spintronics (using the weird quantum properties of electron spin to construct new types of computer chips, from spin + electronics), opticute (cells fried by laser probes, from optical + electrocute, the latter itself a much older blend).
From World Wide Words Is This A Word?

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