Clear Seeing Eyes

Ushnishasitatapatral Bodhisattva who represents the canopy of white light that emanates from the Buddha’s head in the creation of the Surangama Mandala

The Buddha said to Ananda,
‘I will now raise for all of you
a Great Dharma-banner
so that all beings
in all directions
can gain access to
what is wondrous,
subtle and hidden –
the pure and luminous Mind
that understands –
and so that they can open
their clear seeing eyes.’

The Surangama Sutra

This is especially for those who care for their eyes and who aspire to the clear seeing eyes pointed to in this extract from the Surangama Sutra. As we know there is more to seeing than meets the physical eye!

And for those of you who find this kind of devotional thing a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry yourself. Open your heart and the light will come in. You might try adding that valuable little word intend to that last sentence. Intend to open your heart and the light will come in.

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2 thoughts on “Clear Seeing Eyes”

  1. That image was on the front of the Gallery Guide to the 1992 exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, “Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet”. Twenty years ago and still a vivid memory.
    In gassho…

  2. Good grief Walter. Amazing how powerful some images are and how they last in the minds eye. Very powerful isn’t it. And I love those words too.

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