Well In Wales – And Scotland

Well Jademountains readers you must have noticed I’m involved with Field of Merit website and project. Hopefully my posting here will not suffer too much.


I have a couple of beach photographs from the trip Rev. Alicia and I took to west Wales lurking in the wings which I’m quite pleased with and thought to share them. They connect with Words of Wisdom, our most recent News post on Field of Merit.


And some recumbent Welsh cows for good measure.
I have been driving all day from Throssel up to Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a picture up here. The heather is bright purple at the moment. I’ll hold a bunch in my mind for the chap who died here earlier in the week. All merit to his wife and all who know and love him.

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One thought on “Well In Wales – And Scotland”

  1. The composition of the first picture intrigues me: it was a while before I saw the diminutive figure. Without that scale reference, I initially saw the boulders as pebbles taken at a low camera angle. I can still see it like that, with the person of lego-height! Good picture, one to come back to.
    in gassho

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