Coming Full Circle – Portland and Back Again

As late as it is I can’t let another day go by, and especially not this day, without posting. It must be a little over a month ago since I left Portland heading towards this temple where I stayed until July 5th. (See the Dharma Talks page.) Then onwards to north east Oregon, upwards into Idaho and Washington. Just in case you missed the reference in an earlier post I recorded this one evening while visiting a couple in Washington.

The Palouse from Mugo on Vimeo.

I was in Montana for nearly two wonderful weeks. Then in the past few days, on the road again to spend time with congregation members in Sandpoint Idaho. Where I fell asleep by a lake and got sun burnt! Eight hours on the road on Sunday had me driving into Seattle at around 4.00 pm. On the way I stopped beside the great Colombia River in the blazing heat and recorded this video….

From The Columbia River, Washington State, USA from Mugo on Vimeo.

in which I make reference to a series of great floods which shaped the country through which I have been driving these last weeks.

Yesterday a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island. Today a three hour drive down to Portland to return the car to it’s home at the Priory. Tomorrow a short train ride to Eugene.

Uh! I hear the train whistle in the distance. Better get to bed now. Early start tomorrow. This evening. Sitting in a garden packed full of plants and features in the fading light. Talking with a long standing congregation member and his wife. Eating ripe fruit. Drinking iced tea. I’m once again reminded of how very fortunate I am to be welcomed into the hearts and homes of so very many good and kind people. Thank you all.

The lasting impression of this trip is of sitting still while the world chases by like a movie. Sometimes the film stops briefly and a memory takes up residence, only to fade with passing time. These videos and others I’ve recorded give you a small impression, of my impressions. They are just movies. Which you watch go by, while sitting still.

Many thanks to Reverend Margaret for the loan of her car.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle – Portland and Back Again”

  1. Wonderful videos! Love that scenery and the sounds of the crickets on the Palouse.
    I feel so calm after watching :-)

  2. Lovely to see the videos…to see my native country this morning as I sit here in Germany. One thought that came up was about the great floods that have hit me, washed away and carved, and the ability to be still within it, like the bedrock of the earth. The deaths and lives of those close to me, flooding through and then coming to rest. That’s my feeling very early this morning, with a cool breeze coming from the window before heading off to work.

  3. Thanks for those videos and thoughts Rev Mugo, wonderful places too. You’re looking well despite ALL that driving. Just driving down from Aberdeen takes enough toll on me.

    In gassho, Kevin

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