Quite by chance, on Monday, I saw a chap briefly who I’d met at Throssel before. It was a significant meeting back then since he’d been helping an isolated member I have responsibility for. Turns out he’d been here all week-end, and I didn’t know. That sometimes happens since guests are generally on retreat and the monks help that process by not engaging people in casual conversation. Which means we are not looking about to see who’s here, of course.

If you plan to come on retreat, or to stay, and would like to say hi please drop me a line before you get here. Or say something the the Guest Department monks. That way I can make sure to bump into you at an appropriate moment. It’s always a pleasure and a joy.

Yes, it was a happy meeting on Monday. Not only for seeing a familiar face but for being reminded that he was, and still is a Jade reader! And because our on-line conversation, via the comments section, back some time last year was connected with death I promised to mention the name of a book I find most helpful. And the book is: There’s More to Dying than Death, Lama Shenpen Hookham.

Monday’s meeting was just one more nudge to get more Bodhi Leaf pins/badges made. There are more of you out there gazing at the screen than I had thought. And one more old friend tells me, via email, he will be checking in again. Welcome back! Glad you’re alive.

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3 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. It was indeed a pleasure to see you again too Rev Mugo. Thank you for the book recommendation and for the advice you gave me previously online. I found it very useful at the time.
    I hope you fully realise how valuable your website is for those of us living in remote locations who dont have a local group nearby. I may not leave comments very often but i do read your site fairly regularly and it gives me a much needed sense of sangha connection. Keep up the good work.

    With much gratitude,

  2. Many thanks Calum for your words of support. I’m aware of quite a number of people who are in the situation you find yourself in and I’m glad that checking in now and then helps in some way.

  3. Thank you Reverend Mugo for your very helpful comments on death. I will purchase the recommended book today. I attended a road traffic accident on Friday where a youngish woman had been knocked down and dragged under an articulated lorry – the driver claims he did not see her. It was a quick and sudden death.By the time I arrived the body had been taken to the mortuary but we had to wait for the authorities to finish before the area could be cleaned.

    Everyone appeared to be in shock including the police, and I myself have felt numb for this weekend. There was a silence or hushed atmosphere that I can only describe as profound even with the noise of traffic and people talking occasionally. Flowers even started to arrive within a few hours.

    Could you give some advice on those things that are good to do in such situations. In Gassho

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