Turning the Wheel of the Law

Walking up the lane after morning service this morning. Somebody before me had drawn a long arrow and then a question mark at the top in the light dusting of snow. In answer I drew an eight spoked wheel with two arrows around it’s circumference indicating the Turning of the Wheel of the Law in a clockwise direction. Then I drew another arrow and question mark, hoping others might carry on the conversation. It was about direction I suppose. About moving, about moving on. About right action. Clever stuff! I walked on.

By chance I turned and saw a monk walking right through the middle of the conversation! Hay! You’ve just walked over my handy work! I shouted. Oh, was that YOU? She shouted back. (We were at a distance from each other). YES! But you know, the moment had passed. The fun had been had and the potential for more, for others, had passed. You just can’t get special about such things. Snow brings out playfulness and that’s for sure.

We are expecting heavy snow falls this week.

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4 thoughts on “Turning the Wheel of the Law”

  1. Before turning to your blog, I read this in the on-line Financial Times:

    “We believe we are now entering a new era in the financial landscape that will be characterised by expanded forced consumer deleveraging, with a pronounced downshift in consumer spending,”

    I fumed at the abuse of the language, then realised, that as I fume the wheel turns. Simple really, it always is.

    In gassho

  2. I do like this post. I like the ‘clever stuff’. And right now (as always?) the question of right action is before me. Not easy to keep to the Way.

    Thanks for adding a playful touch.

  3. Hmmm – just another demonstration of impermanence I think you are saying? I was watching a repeat of the “Tibet” series the other night, and for the festival of Buddha’s enlightenment 40 monks took five days making the most exquisite and detailed mandalas on the ground with coloured sand, then as soon as the festival was over they went and brushed it all away, to demonstrate that very point!

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