Cry Me A River

We have seen public tears aplenty recently. Mostly in the sphere of sport. There was Wimbledon and now the Olympics. Tears happen to the best of us, happen to me. Happened to me today. Now many hours later I struggle to remember what it was about. They didn’t last long. How quickly tears come and how quickly they go, given half a chance. But what’s this? Crying clubs?

In Japan, however, crying is all the rage. The Japanese call it the “crying boom” – everyone wants a bit of sadness in their lives. Instead of going to a karaoke bar after work to wind down, businesspeople watch weepy films (called “tear films”) at these crying clubs. There is also a huge demand for sad TV dramas and books, each graded by its ability to induce tears.
Join the blub: The benefits of crying – The Independent.

I’m going to have to think about this….

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3 thoughts on “Cry Me A River”

  1. JOY! Yes, of course joy. In the midst of the most trying times those who know it, can know joy. My love to you dear friend.

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