Death Of…A Hard Drive

Oh well it happens some times. The hard drive of a computer fails, it no longer is able to function. It dies. And that is what has happened to the hard drive of the computer I am traveling with. So I most likely will not be able to post much, if at all, for the next two weeks.

I am past the mourning stage with all the aspects of disbelief, anger etc. No I have gone directly to acceptance. Extreme circumstances causes one to take a big leap. It just happens.

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2 thoughts on “Death Of…A Hard Drive”

  1. What a great post! All things are teaching and even tea cups have a dharma position – and hard drives. :)

  2. you liked the post. It has been interesting to me to watch myself. The hard drive is less of a grief than the not posting on Jade Mountains. Communicating to readers has become so much part of my life now that not doing that is actually rather hard. Thus you see me now taking this opportunity on a borrowed computer to check in and post comments – and answer them.

    Oh well. Most likely I will be posting again now I’ve the use of a computer.

    Thanks for being there communicating Rob. Much appreciated.

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