Dharma Games

“Learn important Buddhist principles while playing these specially designed computer games. They have zero violence and lots of Buddha Dharma”!

It looks like these games are suitable for children of any age. Unfortunately they are well beyond my ability to comprehend, a child of around six could have a wonderful time with them though. You will need to get Micromedia Flash Player and there is a link you can follow to get it.

Oh, and I see there is a link to download the entire Dhammapada onto a mobile phone!

Have fun.

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2 thoughts on “Dharma Games”

  1. Rev Mugo, Thanks for recommending this site. I thought it would be just for children but was pleasantly surprised to find some interesting quizzes to test ones knowledge of buddhism and also the dharma channel. I do want to change my name to Dharma Dancer now though! :) Susan

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