A Case of Invented Identity

Down on the Mad River

In the water.
A Sea turtle?
Perhaps a Sea Monster?
It had a tail.
A white one…

It. She? Moved
against the incoming
tide. Are those barnacles
on its back?
is that the mouth – opening?

I try to make
sense, but none comes.
Then my friends
on my return say
Did you see that dead body?

No way! And yet….
I could have been
wrong. Did I see a
sea monster or a hunk
of dead Whale waiting for the vultures?

As on the Mad River
so just about
everywhere else.
Imaginings can turn life
into death, night into day.

or invented?

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2 thoughts on “A Case of Invented Identity”

  1. Mistaken?
    or invented?

    Perhaps a bit of both? Who is to say?

    Thank you for the evocative poetic musing, it’s lovely, and I’m happy to see that you found some of the few sunny days on the north coast for your photos.

  2. How very real our reality. When really we live on shifting sand.

    Glad you like the poetic musings. Lazy writing I call it. But perhaps there is something to that style of expression. I do still keep returning to it…

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