Driving In Fog – One

Last night I’d decided to write about driving in fog. I’d got the title and some thoughts however tiredness overcame me, and I went to sleep instead. Over the past couple of days I have been driving in fog as it happens. All the time thinking of the terrible pile up of cars (November 5th was it?) on the M5 which has shocked the country and caused me at least to drive with extreme caution in all conditions, especially when visibility is limited. Crazy not to.

For the time being take a look at this batch of photos. Especially this one of Jade Mountain, which is blue!

Thanks as always to my trusty walking companion for the link.

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3 thoughts on “Driving In Fog – One”

  1. Click on the link at the top of the picture(s) and read about it being a controversial marketing exercise. Not that that diminishes the pictures. I wonder if some of the famed Taiwan (Formosa) wild teas grow on Jade Mountain? I had some in a tea-house called ‘Tea Bone Zen Mind’ in Singapore, opposite Raffles. I grew fond of the whole business of Chinese tea: beautiful under-stated pots and cups on which you could spend a small fortune. Also, Iron Goddess (Tieguanyin) teas of differing rarity and expense …

    Maybe we need more tea-houses here, mobile phones to be left at the door, much as the Japanese had to leave their swords, minimal conversation…

    Now I’ll go and dunk a teabag!!

    in gassho

  2. Thanks Walter O watcher behind my screen. I’d liked the powdered tea in Japan. But I am a bit of a philistine where tea is concerned. Twig tea (Bancha) is my tipple.

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