Dying Meticulously

Dying Meticulously, those two words together say so much don’t they. Sorta connected to the post Giving It Up. This poem came in an email along with the sentiments at the end of this post. Published with permission.


Busy with very urgent jobs
I forgot
one also has
to die

I kept neglecting that duty
or performed it

as from tomorrow
things will be different

I’ll start dying meticulously
wisely optimistically
without wasting time

Tadeusz Rozewicz

Dying and being born WHILST doing urgent jobs very thoroughly is living I guess.

It’s really difficult. I struggle to sit regularly on my bench. I’m better at sitting in my head, in between doing urgent jobs – sometimes.

Dear Good Friend,
Very many thanks for the poem and the insight about living. Like it. I’m tempted to say give up the struggle and sit anyway – Uh! guess I said it.

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One thought on “Dying Meticulously”

  1. Thank you for posting this at this time. It is always good to be reminded and brought back to the fact that they are intertwined.

    In gassho,


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