Like A Devon Mountain?

Here is part of a post from Undeceivable – Moonraker Zen. Our man in a van is still sitting. He also talks about the book Into The Wild. A mans dream that went terribly wrong.

It is the Devon Mountain that’s caught my eye.

…..often sit a little during the day with my incense and Hakuin’s Song of Meditation. The line that usually sticks in my mind the most is “Sit sincerely in meditation just once…” Even though I’ve been sitting a while, every time I do I feel it’s a battle to stay on the cushion and just enjoy being there. But during most sittings, after I’ve been drifting in and then out of daydreams for a few minutes, my mind will inevitably clear and I’m there sitting like a Devon mountain.

Links to Hakuin’s Song Of Meditation, can be found in the comments to post above. Hum, maybe I’ll take at look. Tomorrow.

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