Here’s Eiko (on the right) who owns the Fura Restaurant where we ate lunch. She is a friend of Edera and made us feel very welcome. All of the dishes were served on hand made pottery and the meal was presented with great care and attention to detail. Thanks Eiko for a wonderful meal.

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2 thoughts on “Eiko”

  1. I was really touched to read what Eiko wrote on the 15th – I translate it here for English speakers. She wrote: “I felt like a stone when I awoke in the morning probably because I was in Tokyo until late yesterday. I got up thinking how nice it would be if I could sleep a bit longer. You can’t cook anything delicious if you aren’t in a good health. Today there are only one staff and myself to go all day long. Even so, or because of that, I thought I should cook something elaborate with lots of attention. So I cooked ‘hie’ grains, stir fried ‘hijiki’ seaweed, Japanese onion and carrots, seasoned it with soy sauce, then put batter and deep fried it bit by bit. I served it with grated daikon (big root) and soy sauce and stock with fresh yuzu citrus juice. It was a fine day and customers started to visit us just as we opened our restaurant and there was no time to rest – and it worked well, my body that was heavy before started to move lightly, the food came to taste beautiful and gentle. The food shouldn’t taste differently according to my mood, I thought, and I took special care today. ….when I tasted what we cooked today later, I was content and happy. Cooking is real training for me.”

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