Offering Incense and Making Bows

Here is the Vice Abbot of Chouju-in, a Soto Zen Temple in the countryside near Narita.

Thanks to Eiko for making the visit to this temple possible. We enjoyed our short stay and will probably go back during Golden Week towards the end of the month if possible. Everything in this small temple was familiar, the priest was friendly and spoke English well.

In the Ihaido (a section of the temple where memorial tablets are enshrined) we saw 88 bags of sand, with the temple seal on each bag, which had been collected from the temples on the classic pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku. Thus the merit of the pilgrimage was offered for the benefit of all those enshrined in the Ihaido, and all beings.

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5 thoughts on “Offering Incense and Making Bows”

  1. What a great photo. I have just returned home from my hot cast glass course where I have made a Buddha – which has made me smile – as does being able to follow your journey so immediately. Thankyou.

  2. So good to see these photos and read your comments. I appreciate being able to keep track of your travels in this manner.
    I found the haiku especially good. Most of us drive a lot and to remember these words would be of benefit to all beings.

    Rev. Meiko
    Portland Buddhist Priory.

  3. Hi Rev. Master Mugo;
    So glad you made it OK. Victor is in from his mountain retreat and I introduced him to your blog this morning. He and Grant and I all send best wishes and are sure your trip will continue to be as fruitful as it began! What a lovely photo. We look forward to hearing more. Lots and lots of bows;
    Michele, Grant and Victor

  4. I had no idea what you were up to Rev Master Mugo. Wonderful to see the pictures and hear your words. We will be blogging with you on your travels

    Thank you

    Diane (Brighton)

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