Ending and Beginning

These photos of the Canadian, which runs between Toronto and Vancouver, were taken in Jasper on the way back from the retreat in Lytton. I toyed with the idea of going to Vancouver on the Canadian however the cost, as well as basic practicalities, makes flying an all round better proposition. The ride through the Rockies must be quite something especially with those observation cars.

All curves and chrome, all the way from Toronto.

….pulling out on route for Vancouver.

With the closing of one door new doors show themselves. The hard part is to keep moving towards the doors while, at the same time, not knowing what’s behind them….Boo!

Fear of the future.

And once through, what then? More doors, more choices. Then, looking back. BOO!

Regrets from the past.

Oh Buddha, going on, going on, always going on, always becoming Buddha.
The Scripture of Great Wisdom.

I’ve a ticket to fly from Edmonton to Vancouver on Monday afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “Ending and Beginning”

  1. Someone said “to discover new lands, you have to be prepared to lose sight of the shore for a while”. Easy to say, hard to do.
    Safe travels.

  2. I traveled east to Québec on this train about 20 years ago. I remember a perfect night as the train moved through the prairie dark. A peaceful rhythm of the wheels on the track, the creaks of the train car, and the distant sounding of the horn at every deserted crossing lulled me to sleep. It was a great pleasure to move with the sound of the horn instead of listening to it pass in the distance, disappearing in the night.

    Farewell Rev. Mugo. It’s been a great pleasure to travel with you for a while.


  3. A trip to do when we’re old hey Reverend Master Mugo? One day perhaps we could do it together.
    Gassho, Angie

  4. I don’t want to outsmart you and I know you do some considerable amout of writing. However: for the caption under the train we should read en route and not on route. That French Pride in me!

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