The Silly Season

Some years ago I learnt to refrain from complaining when getting into a hot car. It’s an almost involuntary reaction to exclaim, its like an over in here. Because it is! My priestly companion at that time had learnt to keep her mouth shut as a child because she, and her siblings, knew if they complained about the hot car there mother would start to complain. And not stop! Being such a strong taboo for the Reverend, and indeed not complaining a matter of maintaining family sanity, I too learned not to complain in sympathy for her. Not a bad practice. Why not try it? It would seem just about everywhere in the world is baking at the moment.

It’s been a tad too hot for thinking these past days, let alone driving. There have been all time highs recorded here in Edmonton. Phew! What a Scorcher. That’s the kind of head-line the newspapers in England would run during the silly season, with a picture of people frying on Brighton Beach with hankies on their heads to protect them from the sun. BTW, the silly season is “the part of the year when Parliament and the Law Courts are not sitting (about August and September)”.

I grew up on the south coast, east of Brighton, near Romney Marsh and with recent talk of trains I remembered the summer holiday childhood treat, that never happened. A ride on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch miniature Railway. Iain writing for Railway Roundabout remembers his ride on this train.

There are a lot of children around the world climbing into hot cars ready for family outings. Why not tell them about the complaining mother, and how and why the children learnt not to complain. Might make an impression on them, it certainly did on me!

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One thought on “The Silly Season”

  1. ALWAYS COMPLAINING…you’re quite right dear, too hot, too cold, too dry…for me it’s like this:
    it’s hot today, good for my tomatoes and my washing…
    it’s raining, lovely for the earth…
    windy, come on doggy, let’s run on the beach…
    cold and rainy: such a lovely time for reading…
    thank you dear, for sharing your life…that does me good…
    See you. Mousie.

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