Evening Views from Gabriola Island – Video

From Gabriola Island, Off Vancouver Island, Canada from Mugo on Vimeo.

You know how it is? There you are in a drop-dead wonderful setting, fantastic views, stillness pervades. The question comes up, Could I live here? And I for one, in this instance, know that the answer is no! The temptation of wanting more of what is beautiful and inspiring extends to everything, including tops of mountains and remote island retreats such as Gabriola Island.

Once again I am reminded that circumstances do reveal the next step. And woe betides that this truth is overlooked in the rush and pull of life. My next step is to return to the UK. There to rest/renew/reflect and regroup.

First a seaplane ride from Victoria on the 27th, yes the kind that takes off and lands on the water…, and then the next day a long flight from Vancouver to Heathrow. Then the bus to Reading and the Priory there.

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6 thoughts on “Evening Views from Gabriola Island – Video”

  1. Dear Rev. Master Mugo,

    May your trip home be safe. We will miss you here stateside and look forward to your next visit. I’m glad to be able to keep up with you here in the meantime.

    With love and many bows,

  2. A beautiful video that reminds me of my times as a hostel volunteer in the Northumberland Forest Park. At the time I thought it would be nice to stay for ever but no, there is a time for moving on. Likewise with my times in Cyprus. Things are changing, – they always do, – and I think that episode may be drawing to a close.

    I like your new profile pic. The wandering monk, forever moving on. Dare I say it? “Gyate, gyate…”

    With gratitude


  3. You movin’ on too then. What next? It’s a mystery!

    Glad you like the photograph. It was taken in Edmonton by Michael who has been following this blog since it started. Yes you may say Gyate, gyate….

  4. Yes, bless you dear friend. And thank you for dropping a note. I will be coming back and I’m glad that you follow along. Stay safe and stay well.
    With Bows,

  5. So glad to hear you had the sea plane opportunity. Interestingly (at least to me) my first sea plane ride was from Gabriola Island on my way to Vancouver to visit Rev. Master Koten a bunch of years ago…It was a gift from a friend who has property on Gabriola…and liberating as it took me out of so many usual “reference points” and turned solidity into flow.
    Bon voyage!

  6. Marie, Thanks for leaving this comment. What a flight that must have been from Gabriola. My first sea plane ride was to and from the neighboring island of Cortez. Now, did we meet in Victoria?

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