Leaves Fall – Just So

Today through
a Japanese Garden
where spoke Autumn
with a shout!

Added later: Ahem! The title of this post is most likely part of somebody else’s poem. Such sayings kinda stick but can’t remember exactly where it came from. Thanks to the unknown person.

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4 thoughts on “Leaves Fall – Just So”

  1. I’d like to echo Enid’s wishes for your safe journey back to the UK.

    Thank you for the video and these beautiful photographs of the Japanese garden. I feel as though I could sit by this pool for hours. I’ve already dipped a toe in the cold water, and smelled the Autumn in the air.

    Having had such a trying time of it this summer, from a physical health point of view, and being almost completely in the house, it has been a real tonic to be able to follow your journey and share some of your thoughts and experiences along the way.

    I’m deeply grateful Rev. Mugo.

    With bows


  2. Thanks for your well wishes. Sorry, so sorry, that your summer has been trying. It is uplifting to hear that reading here has been a tonic. Yes, thank you so much. Hearing from readers via comments or emails is encouraging.

  3. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    I can help you out with the poem – a certain Rev. Master Koten penned this a number of years ago. In the room where you stay at our house I have it up, a card with a red maple leaf, a lovely gift from my teacher. I think of the poem from time to time myself, it speaks to me of deep faith. (I am so lucky to know teachers such as the both of you.) Safe travels and glad to be seeing you Wednesday!

  4. I had my suspicions so thanks for confirming them Michele. Rev. Master Koten it is then. Thanks to that Reverend, for so much.

    See you Wednesday.

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