Fallen Into A Hole

On the moors are to be found Shake Holes, also called Swallow Holes. This might however be a disused mine shaft and not one of these holes.

I was once told by a professional psychologist, and monk of our order, that most adults have some degree of depression. Thankfully, for the most part, I manage to keep myself out of trouble in this regard. Although I do have my moments. There are very many reasons to pass through depressed times including finding that ones way forward is being suppressed – either by oneself or by ones circumstances (ususally a combination of the two). For some people depression is life limiting in the extreme and my heart goes out to those in such circumstances.

There was a retreat recently where a bunch of people gathered to examine the subject of depression. Most had a very personal interest in the subject. One of the monks from Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey gave a talk Training With Depression (it’s in two parts.) You will need to scroll down the page to reach (talks) By other monks and our lay sangha.

My Internet connection is still playing up unfortunately….

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2 thoughts on “Fallen Into A Hole”

  1. Thanks for pointing these out on the Throssel website. They are both really, really helpful and good to listen to. They address the core issues. Brilliant in fact.

  2. So glad you had a chance to listen to these talks. I’d not heard them but was confident they would be good and helpful. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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