Fell Walk – Transfer of Merit video

Eating lunch with Wastwater far in the distance.
Eating lunch with Wastwater far in the distance.

Here is a short video recorded after walking up Great Gable.

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11 thoughts on “Fell Walk – Transfer of Merit video”

  1. GreT to see and hear you , I think by the little church.
    It may have been the wunderful Josh Naylor (fell runner) that you met with lamb, it’s worth looking up on Google.
    Love betty

    1. No, this was a younger chap. I guess I was impressed not only for him rescuing the lamb but for being able to run the scree having only one arm to balance himself.

    1. You could call what the chap was doing scree sliding. There are a number of videos showing ‘scree running’. Thanks for asking.

  2. Over here, we call it “boot skiing” . Our mutual luminous friend took great joy in it. I’d take the more usual route down and meet up at the end of the trail. This isn’t an overstretched metaphor, just the way we hiked!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful message of Merit in your video from the fells Rev Mugo. So touching and poignant …
    My daughter Maisie was away in an incredible hospital unit for under 18’s with mental illnesses/health issues – she went in last august & came home about 2 months ago and slowly we are relaxing back into our lives again. I also work with students at Falmouth university who struggle with mental health to help them complete the degree they are studying…
    Always so wonderful to see the fells after living in ulverston… It was around the Old Man of coniston & Beacon tarn area I used to fell run! So beautiful.
    Thank you for the video X
    _/\_ Love Nicole

    1. Pictures. Video. And now for some reflections on being in the high ‘great outdoors’. Yes and my walking partner needs a round of appreciative applause. Really. I could not be more appreciative. And grateful.

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