Mountain View

Waswater Below, Great Gabel above
Wastwater below, Great Gable above

Interesting. A day that is long and arduous telescopes into a few short memories the day after. And before the freshness, and feelings, of yesterday fade into the distance I’ll write them down.

However, for now enjoy the view.

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7 thoughts on “Mountain View”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo well done, this is my favourite place of anywhere in the world. I go there quite often but my climbing days are over, just leisurely walks now so admiration for you.
    Love betty 😉

    1. Oh Betty, so glad you saw this post. I’d not been up GG since….late 1960’s I think it was. Still the same mountain. Still the amazing expansive views all around. And, do you know, I don’t hurt today either.

  2. Wonderful! It is so good for the heart to see the wide sky from up above. Looking forward to hearing more.

    1. Yep lovely wide sky, distant grass fire burning in the distance towards Keswick. What’s new? Wild fires the world over but not expecting one in these parts though.

    1. I though this was a transfer of merit walk for those who I am aware of who are suffering mentally/emotionally. And I know of quite a few. And now I see, reading the comments, that others are getting some fun out of the whole adventure. Too late in the day to write in more detail about the walk although I am attempting to upload a short video I recorded when I got down off the mountain. Perhaps a bit more ‘cooking’ is needed anyway to reflect on the day.

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