Not High Airy Solitude!

I’ve been ‘sitting with’ my adventurous walk of a week ago on and around Grate Gable. Many thought pass through my mind, few stick. But one. The Lakeland Fells are CROWDED with people and while I love to be putting boot to rock there is the aspect of high airy solitude which I value (and enjoy). However the crowds are getting higher and higher into the air. And this video of HUNDREDS of people walking along Striding Edge on the flanks of Helvellyn depicts just what has been disturbing me. (the Edge is notoriously dangerous to scramble on by the way.)

Why am I disturbed? We can share the fells of course. Of course we can and that’s not a problem. So what exactly IS it? In myself and I presume in others is the seeking for experience, with the accent on seeking. Nothing wrong with experience it’s just that like anything else one wants MORE of what one wants. And that leads to suffering….because the more you have (experiences) the more you seek them. And they are never ever satisfied for long. But, or and, who was walking up a fell last Friday? Here’s where.
Helm Crag1
Helm Crag above Grasmere, said to be the beginners mountain. Quick to get up and down yet with the full ‘lakeland experience.

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7 thoughts on “Not High Airy Solitude!”

  1. It’s lovely to see the Lakes, you about and about in them and see you’re well. Sorry for not being in touch.

    I had a sit in a very lovely spot up here at dinner time today to ‘re-connect’ and by strange co-incidence a later conversation with a colleague who, after noticing I am obviously pretty worn out, was gently suggesting that may be I should be seeking adventure less.

    In gassho, Kevin

    1. Kevin – it has been too long! (meaning it is great to hear from you here). I was actually thinking about you this week in connection with doing adventurous things in stunning locations. And you also come to mind when I see a broken finger post on a footpath. Never happen on your watch. Anyway so lovely to have news of you and….oh perhaps I’ll find myself as northly as you are. Someday. Yes I am well.

  2. I always suspected I wouldn’t want to do that walk. Now I know that I don’t. How very scary.

    1. I was there on the Edge in my early teens with a school party. It was scary and I like you doubt if I’d go there again. At least not on a busy summer day. I’d go with a companion, I know and trust to keep me out of trouble. There are ways around the REALLY exposed areas. And I do have a good head for heights thankfully.

  3. Oh my goodness – in the second part of the video the people just reminded me of ants because of the way they moved. Wainwright would be turning in his grave!

    1. Dear Freya, thank you for reading and thank you for this comment. Good to see you here. Yes, I had exactly the same thought about ants when I viewed the video.

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