Festive Pie

Courgette and Feta Filo Pie
At this time of year the Chief Cook of the monastery has a break and we all can volunteer to be ‘cook for a day’. To-day was my turn. I’d eaten this pie several times but not cooked it myself. So it was a bit of an adventure especially making it for around thirty people. Not a patch on the ones I’d had before in Cornwall however it is well worth trying again some time, when there is a festive occasion.

The recipe came from ‘Food From The Place Below by Bill Sewell. This dish was the ‘dish of the day’ the day they opened back in 1989. Apparently the restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful spaces in London – the medieval crypt of Wren’s marvellous church, St. Mary-le-Bow. The church has a vibrant weekday community and among the most regular customers are the rector and members of the congregation. (text slightly adapted from the book.)

If you ever find yourself in Hereford Bill Sewell has a cafe there too. Not too distant is Hay-on-Wye renowned for its second-hand bookshops. So, double trouble in Herefordshire, if you are so inclined!

The Chief Cook came to work in the kitchen to-day, to share the joy as we sometimes say. It was a joy to cook with him again. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Festive Pie”

  1. Rev Mugo!

    Looks delicious. Funnily enough, I had the same at my normal eating place in Exeter today. I shall resist comparing the two, except to say that food at Throssel was always something extra special, and that looks no exception.

    I’ve been following your blogging for a few months or so now, and they really have helped me a lot through some cloudy times. Just by being there. So a big thank you, and long may they continue.

    Hope you’re well, and best wishes.

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo…I’ve had some trouble trying to post on the blog lately…but I’ve also been reminded of Emily Dickinson’s poem about a fly:

    I heard a fly buzz when I died;
    The stillness round my form
    Was like the stillness in the air
    Between the heaves of storm.

    The eyes beside had wrung them dry,
    And breaths were gathering sure
    For that last onset, when the king
    Be witnessed in his power.

    I willed my keepsakes, signed away
    What portion of me I
    Could make assignable, and then
    There interposed a fly,

    With blue, uncertain, stumbling buzz,
    Between the light and me;
    And then the windows failed, and then
    I could not see to see.

    The storm ended up not damaging Frankfurt too badly…I think it helped that they sent everyone home and closed businesses at 3 p.m.. Although, today it is windy again!

    all the best…Jack

  3. Dear Dave, Wonderful! I’m so pleased that you have been following along and reading. Yes, a lot of care and love goes into the cooking here and that makes for good food. More often than not we have quite simple food as you know.

    Jack, Thanks for the poem and weather news. All is OK here although it is said we will be getting some of the ‘white stuff’ tomorrow. I’ll be out taking photographs.

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