The Fly

A few days ago I mentioned the solitary fly between the pages of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. Here is a fable about a fly, which I rather like. And here can be found the possible explanation for Suzuki’s fly, it’s a quote from Meister Eckhart.
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Keep a thought for us in Europe, hurricane force winds are blowing down trees and people are getting killed.

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2 thoughts on “The Fly”

  1. Meister Eckhart came close to burning for his thoughts, and much heat was spent over whether it was small g “god” or big G “God”. It all leaves me cold, what is “is”, and what we think matters not.
    I have recently found some very good blogs on theoretical physics, not my discipline, but I am moved by the quality and honesty of the discussion in comments. This is the real power of this medium. It happens here too, an observation, a comment, maybe nothing in isolation, but it triggers something in me, maybe in someone else, who knows.
    I have read about the storms sweeping Europe, and hope you are all safe.
    Last week, or was it the previous week, was said to be “de-lurkers” week, an opportunity to say hello. I bit the bullet and did on one physics blog I enjoy, and hey, I’m still here. So many thanks Rev Mugo for your posts, they are just right for each moment.

  2. Walter. As always grateful for your contributions. I’d not heard about ‘de-lurkers’ week. Sometimes it is hard for people to write something however I do tend to drop a comment when I have been reading a blog more than a few times. Just to show appreciation.

    I’d not want anybody to feel badly for not leaving a comment here though.

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