Fields Of Views

Perception, visual perception, is interesting. Our eyes zoom in and out effortlessly. Now near, now far away. Now mid distance. The whole of the scene is taken in while particulars take their place.

Walking around the fields these past couple of days, dim and cloudy as it has been, these scenes called to me drawing out a field of view where one can become large of mind. Ah! The hills, the flower, the fields.


Recently an elderly friend signed off her email with, Happy Jubilations! When I allow myself to mentally expand my field of view I can echo her sentiment.

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5 thoughts on “Fields Of Views”

  1. I’d been thinking of you recently and so it is great to have you leave a comment. I hope all is well in your world. Ah. …the monuments of mortals – indeed.

  2. There’s a lot of May blossom about this year. Its supposed to portend a glorious warm summer. One thing is certain however, – there’s a lot of May blossom about. The sight of it lifts the spirit methinks.


  3. Oh right. I was wondering about the May blossom – there seeming to be more of it about this year. We await the summer!

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