Habits to Mint Gold

Habits get a bad press in Buddhism. We use the term habit energy to describe that which drives our behavour. That’s the harmful habits which are the focus of attention when following a Buddhist practice. Habits can too often be unthinkingly linked in the mind as being BAD. But not all habits are harmful. Some can help turn around a life of undirected and half-hearted effort. Habits can indeed be good.

I must confess that when a friend quoted the saying below I took a double take. What? Habits that mint gold! Poetic yes, and from a training perspective we are in the business of aligning behavour with the Precepts. Of turning around our lives, for the good.

Habits are human nature
Why not create some
that will mint gold?

The Subject Tonight Is Love. 60 Wild and Sweet Poems by Hafiz

The last word goes to Rumi:
Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field; I will meet you there.

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  1. Sorry not to have been so active with posting these past days and weeks. Jade Mountains is always ticking away in the background of my mind however sometimes time is not so available for writing.

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