With Frills Please

Brr, it was cold and windy out on the moors today, however their subtle beauty was not diminished. I’d not been up to the Hexhamshire Common above Allendale, village of the year, before and can anticipate another walk in the not too distant future. Maybe when the snow comes. Back in our valley with grey clouds receding from the high moors to reveal a sprinkling of white I realize Brr, it really is getting colder. But not half as cold as in Edmonton at the moment.

On our way back to Throssel my walking companion and I stopped for a hot chocolate, with frills, at Pebbles Art Cafe in Allendale. Ah, civilisation at last we cryed. Aoww! I can feel the cold coming off you two! What will you have? Pebbles is a haven and no mistake. Each time I visit, which is not often, I’m reminded anew of the great refreshments, tasteful arts and crafts and the ever changing gallery treats upstairs. But perhaps the best thing about a visit is the level of familiarity and friendliness of the people there. They have it just right, just perfect. Thanks Pebbles people, you are artists.

Note on photographs. Sorry to say the quality of these pictures have suffered because of slow uploading speed. The hot chocolate picture suffered from camera shake!

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4 thoughts on “With Frills Please”

  1. Fuzzy eyesight and an old computer have their advantages — I don’t see any shake at all, only the friendly warmth of the chocolate and enticing beauty of the “frills” — a wonderful sight, as it’s supposed to dip into the low 50s tonight in the Sunshine State.

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