Going Deeper

Blackberries. Releasing themselves on the vine.

This ‘going deeper’ is often misunderstood. One might think of that more as listening deeper. Being prepared to listen to what’s actually there, only more carefully. Then following with tender attention to detail. With expectations and outcomes, releasing. Work for you?

My whole system is booting down after all of the activity over the past weeks. The weather has put a crimp in my walking activities ‘though I am still getting out, but just locally. No striding across distant green hills.

Partly taken from an email to a friend who is having physical difficulties. A thought 4 u here.

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3 thoughts on “Going Deeper”

  1. “Then following with tender attention to detail.” A lovely and felicitous description of that which naturally arises when we are care full.
    Thank you!
    In Gassho,

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