Going on Beyond

1Gorse on Farleton Fell

High is the clear blue sky.
Prickly is the gorse and yellow.
Farleton Fell, on the way up
bitter wind, Sky Larks

Less on my Sunday walking and more of Sitting Buddha Hermitage where Rev. Alicia is introducing The Scripture of Great Wisdom. Very useful background to this most chanted of scriptures. Let there be more, line by line, contemplations on this scripture. Which touches my heart. Bows to you Rev. Alicia, keep going on. Please.

Pulling up through the Gorse on Farleton Fell I was thinking ‘Nothing is achieved without a struggle’. And when one is walking a steep and prickly path that certainly is the case. Struggle, onwards and upwards. But I’m not going to use that thought as my mantra for life.

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One thought on “Going on Beyond”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo

    Oh the beautiful yellow gorse, looking amazing down here in Cornwall…
    The yellow feels so symbolic of spring & light, after what feels like a tough winter in our climate and in the great saddness & suffering in the world & in our lives. Somehow the vibrancy and beauty of nature, for me particuarly the gorse feels so profound.
    Yes, on and on with our Buddhist training.
    Thank you for your blog.
    In gassho

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