Good Grief!

The late Iain Robinson would, in conversation, frequently exclaim, ‘Good Grief’! This was an expression that covered a lot of ground, anything from mild surprise to outright outrage. I’ve thought of him in recent days/months/years, imagining his heated response to what’s happening in the world. Lots of cause for ‘good grief’s’ these days, ey Iain! In my bones, I feel we are coming up for the anniversary of your death, sometime in July nine whole years ago. Right?

Whether or not those heated responses would be justified, or not, grief itself is ‘good’. I’m coming to understand that rather directly these past days since we heard of Rev. Myfawy’s death last Thursday. Like that tree from yesterday with every twig of it connected to every other branch and twig, one death is all deaths, all connected. Everywhere throughout all time and space, it just takes time (and space) to realise that. It’s a step to know that grieving ends up less personal, more universal. Even when, at the same time, intensely personal.

In the midst of it who goes willingly to one’s sitting place to become ‘intimate’ with nameless blank numbness? But this is part of the curve associated with coming to terms with change. Following the curve on its upward journey, our journey, there is to be found acceptance. That’s integrating the ever-present reality of mortality with the very real practical changes that become our very real, changed, lives.

Death at the door.
Friends, relatives,
lovers and strangers.

Good Grief? Yes, Iain.
Good because grief is
on the path to acceptance.

Not that loss
ever becomes something
other than loss.

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3 thoughts on “Good Grief!”

  1. extraordinary how the lives of particular people can overeach their deaths by particular loveable characteristics and expressions!

  2. Thank you so much Rev. Great thoughts on an ever pertinent topic as we age. Also hits home as we lost two pets who died this year. Noble friends.
    In gassho,

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