Regarding Taking Refuge – Brenda Birchenough


While Rev. Master Daizui (the late head of our order) was talking I suddenly had a mental ‘flash picture’ of a great tree and from the deepest root to the furthest twig flowed the lifeblood of training. This lifeblood was the Water of the Spirit and for it to flow, every part of this ‘tree’ had to be in contact with every other part and this contact was (and is) the taking of Refuge (in the sangha).

This is an insight Brenda Birchenough shared with me in an email. I’ve not got a date but it could have been 2000.

The merit of this post is dedicated to Sandy Johnson who is close to death and for his wife Sue. Go in peace.

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2 thoughts on “Regarding Taking Refuge – Brenda Birchenough”

    1. Yes. I can say that ‘something is going on etc……’ all the time and unceasingly. Glad you like the tree. I’ve a few trees I wanted to post for this post but could find them. This is on Milnthorpe Sands, Southern Cumbria.

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