Grace And Ease In Simple Activity

Even the easy things are hard
if you do them halfheartedly.
From the movie The Final Season.

Thank you to the person who passed this quote to me in Edmonton.

Perhaps living wholeheartedly,
easy living?
difficult living?
brings grace and ease,
poise and vitality.

Perhaps this pondering
points through to where
concepts of easy and difficult
cease to have the power
to stumble us.

Perhaps when fixed ideas
fall away….
we can be flexible.
Like life dancers!
BE life dancers.

And here is a team dancing something remarkable. A different take on Swan Lake.

At last dear Virginia I have linked to this remarkable video. Thank you so much.

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5 thoughts on “Grace And Ease In Simple Activity”

  1. Early Winter evening
    The Sky has lost
    Its light

    Giving up its
    Fast, heavy body
    Of Rain:

    A snowflake
    Bright and
    Light, slowly
    Takes rest

    The white, soft

  2. Ballet has never excited me. Yet this Chinese Swan Lake is stunning. I just hope that the ballerinas don’t cause themselves too much physical damage. That would be suffering in action.

  3. Yes, quite so Tony. The first time I did a post on this video, which evaporated without trace, I talked about just this. The fact that these performers are likely to be paying a high price in terms of their bodies, for our entertainment. That doesn’t stop me admiring what they do.

    Anyway, great to see you here.

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