Gratitude Knows No Bound


An emotion? A thought? An action? An attitude of mind? An expression shouted out (and inwardly) covering the great earth?

Probably all of the above and more. And the more is the moving on, or in and out, of the above.

It is said that the Great Earth is the foundation of gratitude and refers to the fundamental ground of Everything. That’s a ‘great’ larger than normal conceptions. Posting April 5th, 2005 – Green Mountains are Forever Walking.

Gratitude, as the expression goes, knows no bound. No wonder expressing gratitude is the simple every-day work of getting on and doing the best one can, in every-day circumstance. And that is not dependent on feeling/thinking/being grateful. Living Buddhism is bigger than that.

Moved to write this in response to an engaging phone call this morning and to an email from somebody letting me know a donation had been made to Jade Mountains through Every-Click.

BTW. I’ve updated the donation page recently. If you plan to make a donation via Every-Click please take a look. Your offerings cover the great earth.

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