Green Leaves Turn Red

Days of heat have left my brain numb. Coming to write here, thinking about writing here, has been like contemplating climbing a long and steep hillside. My mental feet not able to take many steps before having to sit down. At last this evening I pick up THE BOOK*, it is still rather heavy however this catches my attention:

You should know that becoming a buddha is not something new or ancient. How could practice-realization (training and enlightenment) be within any boundary? Do not say that from the beginning not a single thing exists. The causes are complete and the results are fulfilled through time. Great assembly, please tell me, why is it like this?
After a pause Dogen said: Opening flowers will unfailingly bear the genuine fruit; green leaves meeting autumn immediately turn red.

Let us endevour to be that opening flower and aspire to be the responding leaf.

*The Eihei Koroku – Zen Master Dogen.

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4 thoughts on “Green Leaves Turn Red”

  1. These are wondrous nuggets of Dogen’s teaching. Each time I read a new entry here all I can do is say inwardly, “-Yes, indeed.” Then make gassho and give a bow in gratitude.

    Thank you for this,

    1. So glad these quotes are hitting the mark for somebody. They do for me. It is the sort of thing one needs to take in through both brain and ‘guts’ isn’t it.

  2. Many thanks for these readings from the Leighton/Okumura translation of Eihei Koroku: shared reading encourages me to persist. I lugged this tome back from Singapore when I retired and it’s been looking at me from the bookshelf ever since. I like the clarity of the translation (and confess to savoring the scholarly footnotes – you know me). Nuggets indeed as Norman aptly put it! So, if appropriate please continue this thread from time-to-time.

    In gassho

    1. Oh good. Glad these posts hit the spot for you Walter. It is a hunk of a book however I do find myself picking it up almost daily. Not my usual way – you know me!

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