What Next

Spent a lot of time this morning thinking about the six women who climbed London’s Shard yesterday. In particular I was wondering how life will be for them following this massive achievement. Having psyched oneself up and trained intensively to do something so public and so dangerous there has to be a moment or two when the question arises, What next? That would be a natural enough thought.

There can grow a certain momentum with this kind of massive effort which carries the potential for climbing higher, attempting something more audacious etc. It is the same with less high-profile achievements. In earlier times I can remember the day after having sat a week-long sesshin (meditation retreat). I’d be heavy with exhaustion yet filled with a certain sense of invincibility. It didn’t last thankfully! We were advised that the days following a sesshin were potent times for insights to arise. Thus we were advised to ‘keep sitting’, in spirit at least, and to take appropriate rest of course.

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