The Green Mountains are Forever Walking

To recognize your own moving on will certainly be no different from recognizing the moving on of the verdant mountains.

Sansuikyo, On the Spiritual Discourses of the Mountains and the Water
Shobogenzo, The Eye and Treasury of the True Law.

Here is an extract from the translators notes attached to this chapter:

In this discourse in particular, ‘mountain’ is most often used as a descriptive epithet for one who is sitting in meditation, as still as a mountain among mountains (that is, one who is training among other members of the Buddhist Sangha),…

If here is a place to sit as a mountain among mountains all will be well. Let us walk on the Way, together with all living things.

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5 thoughts on “The Green Mountains are Forever Walking”

  1. Nice looking site. I have bookmarked it so will continue to follow on from “Moving Mountains”.
    “Thole Man” postings will be a bit infrequent while I’m in Cyprus until June. Hope all goes well for you across the “pond”.

  2. Every day when I switch on my PC, I check your site, read, make gassho and then start my days work.

    Thank you for this site Reverend Mugo.

    Andi Sinclair.
    Telford Lay Sangha (prev Manchester)

  3. Hi Rev. Mugo – just a quick note to say hi, and what a nice site Jade Mountains is! Just got back from Jukai – went with Rev. Aurelian and another person from the lay sangha – so very helpful. Grant and I are both looking forward to seeing you in the frozen north, where you always are welcome!
    In gassho;

  4. Such a brilliantly designed site! Some very good quotes to start off the (continuous) transition.

    In gassho, Jim

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