Wing Dingers

E-mails have been flying back and forth these past weeks between here and Texas, that’s mission control as far as the technical aspect of this move is concerned. As I write more tweaking is going on behind the scenes and more features are being added, even as I speak! Is it not a minor miracle that one site can be edited by more than one person at a time, and in different countries as well?

Today a reader from North America wrote in support of the new site, she was the first to try out the Contact tab to get in touch. She wrote saying she was quite content with the old one (Moving Mountains) and daily expressed gratitude for its existence, but this one is really a wing-ding, in the vernacular. Wonderful expression.

To be perfectly honest I feel a bit inhibited about continuing to write in the freewheeling kind of way I’ve grown accustomed to. Moving into Jade Mountains has been rather like leaving the comfort of the lay common room, with spotty wallpaper, after three years of doing ‘lay tea’. That’s a time on the schedule when a monk comes to join the lay guests for tea and biscuits. It’s a chance to ask questions about practice and to generally relax and chat together with a monk. Bit like Moving Mountains talk. I regard teas as advanced training for the visitors because they come to realize monks are humans! For some I’m sure Moving Mountains has been a test too.

Now I’m caught in a corridor, still with a smile on my face, but anxiety is rising. Seems like I’m scheduled to do a talk in the library, and I’m not prepared. It’ll take some time to find what I’m going to talk about and how. Come to think of it I can remember some pretty good freewheeling times talking in the library.

Another wing ding has just arrived. Over on the sidebar on the left is a link to Buddhism in the News. Perhaps in this more formal setting reading the news will become yet another aspect of sitting still, and offering merit.

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6 thoughts on “Wing Dingers”

  1. Thanks for leaving a message George. Now is probably the best answer I can give you. Good fortunes for the future.

  2. I always check your site when I check my e-mail each day. I like the new photo. I hope you soon get used to the new format. I wouldn’t like to lose your mix of informal as well as serious teaching. I know I always got terrific teaching over the casual cup of tea, often when I wasn’t looking for or expecting it.

  3. Just wanted to say congratulations and all the best for the start of the new site, Jade Mountain, it looks like a lot of hard and good work to me. Also thank you earlier for the Isle of Wight tour…the pictures especially reminded me of childhood holidays. The IoW was always an special place for my parents; they honeymooned there and I arrived nine months later! Thanks again, Tim

  4. Interesting to know where the first hints of ones being happened, IoW is a good place. I’ve loved it here, I’ll be back. Hope you are safe and well.

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