The Grey Dog

Yesterday as we were leaving Portland on the Greyhound bus the driver, in jolly upbeat mood, made his statutory announcements to the passengers. There were ones about not smoking (anything), not drinking (anywhere), and then to sign off he said something surprising.

Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. When you get home tell all your friends that it’s not so bad to travel by Greyhound after all.

It turns out that Greyhound has recently been bought out by a British company. The very same company that runs trains from Hexham to Newcastle in Northumberland, trains we use regularly. They are not so bad too!

The night before leaving Portland several of us visited the garden and home of two sangha friends. There is much I could say about our visit, the garden was as ever stupendous, the company inspiring and the food offering gratefully received.

For keen gardeners The Oregonian recently published an article about the garden planting and Marsh and Fear have been busy following the publication of the article. Well done it is not so easy to get this kind of business off the ground.

Thanks to both Gary and Anne for showing us around your paradise, and into your home, kitchen and hearts. A bow to Gary for traveling the Buddhist path with us, starting well before I did.

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One thought on “The Grey Dog”

  1. …it could well be a good time to buy Greyhound, what with Amtrak suddenly seeing a surge in passengers and so on. And, yes, I do remember the Newcastle trains!

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