Offering Merit

Time flies quicker than an arrow
And life passes with greater transience than dew.
However skillful you may be,
How can you ever recall a single day of the past?
Shushogi, Zen Master Dogen.

Here is an extract from an email I sent today which inspired today’s posting.

Very many thanks for the feed back on photos and the site generally. That’s always helpful. I’ve decided to add another category to my postings which is ‘Merit’. We so often think of transferring merit as an offering to beings in trouble or who are suffering seriously. Youngsters are such a breath of fresh air and are for me an inspiration just by being themselves as they are. However I know they have a lot of life ahead of them, involving many ups and downs. They can surely benefit from spiritual merit, as can all of us. So from time to time I’ll write ‘Merit’ postings and it was you and your family who inspired me to do that. You’re all an inspiration.

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