Grieving Beard

Old Mans Beard, AKA Traveller’s Joy

Climbing on the stone wall and tumbling over into the lane this rambling plant graces our walks to and from the meditation hall and main buildings.

I wrote about the concept of the grieving beard back in the spring of 2006. That’s a beard grown by men when they are remembering somebody. When they have finished grieving they shave it off.

Well there is certainly a lot going on in the world that would cause us to grieve. Just sitting with that, in particular the situation in Burma, is the best one can do.

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3 thoughts on “Grieving Beard”

  1. Gosh, Spring 2006 – that long ago?!! Seems like a month or so…
    Its been very joyful travelling with you on this blog!
    Best wishes

  2. Years ago, in a TV interview, the Dalai Lama was asked whether he was angry at the Chinese government for their brutal actions against Tibet and its monastics.

    Although memory has faded, I clearly recall that he asserted an attitude of compassion rather than anger toward the Chinese because, believing in the law of karma, he realized that the Chinese would experience great suffering as a result of those actions and were therefore to be pitied.
    This serves me well as a point of reference when I encounter news such as that coming out of Burma.

  3. Yes Miles, you have been reading and I’ve been writing for that long. And more. I’m glad you find this place joyful traveling.

    And thanks to Margaret for remembering, and writing about, something that helps keep things in perspective right now.

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