Mutual Encouragement

Remind us of what is important
Link lay and monastic training
Spiritual encouragement

This is what one reader came up with when asked about what she saw as being offered here. My purpose in asking was to get a sense of the balance of articles and where it would be good to make adjustments.

What is not mentioned in the list is links to films. Here’s one to be going along with. The Year of the Dog it shows promises. Maybe a candidate for a Dharmaflix review. It’s a film about what it means to devote yourself to something other than your fears and desires, to shed that hard, durable shell called selfishness. It is, rather remarkably, an inquiry into empathy as a state of grace. And if that sounds too rarefied for laughs, rest assured, it’s also about a stone-cold beautiful freak.

Thanks Angie for the feed-back and Mike in Edmonton for the link to the film.

I look at that list above and think, Yep, that’s what this blog offers me! Thanks folks, all of you, for your kind support and encouragement to keep on writing.

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5 thoughts on “Mutual Encouragement”

  1. I like your blogg; there is generally something to help me on the path. I know it must be a lot of work; it is appreciated.

  2. Hello from Toulouse!

    I’m here at a conference on mountain writing, so not quite as far away as Edmonton, for the moment.

    all the best,

  3. Dear Dave, Many thanks for writing and I’m glad you find what’s said here helpful.

    And Tom, in Toulouse, for heavens sake! And what indeed is mountain writing? Is this something I’d like to know about, or should know about. Too bad you are not able to nip over here and check out Throssel.

  4. I just thought of another offering to add to the list: to me, your blog is a breathing space; a spiritual oasis where I can engage in dialogue with like-minded people. Taking refuge, as I sit at my desk above a busy London street. I know it’s not a forum as such, but reading your blog and other people’s comments, and sometimes responding, is a helpful and soothing exchange. This is probably going to sound bonkers, but it reminds me that you’re there, and because you’re there, I know that I’m here… :D

    ~ Mia

  5. Mia, Your comment? No not bonkers sounding, the ‘I’m’ that is ‘here’ has no permanent home either. But you know that anyway.

    And thanks for sitting at your desk in busy London, where you are no doubt busy, and pen your offering.

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