High Impact – Not A Scratch

A reader in Canada, who manages a team of truck drivers many of whom are British, wrote me this in an email.

The weather continues to be bad, last night in Northern Ontario one of my trucks was in an accident that amazingly had no fatalities, or even any injuries! He was proceeding up a hill on the highway and another truck was coming down the hill, in the other direction. Just as they were passing each other, going in opposite directions, the other trucks trailer jackknifed out right in front of my driver and he and his truck went right through it! Remarkably, considering the force of the impact was enough to shear the engine out of my drivers unit out onto the highway and send both front wheels into opposite directions into the woods on either side, he came out without a scratch.

Accidents do happen and with no apparent fault on anybodies part. And thankfully sometimes they come out like this one. No scratches.

Snow mounding up in an Edmonton parking lot.

This story is here to remind us that while spring might be just around the corner (several corners) there is still the possibility of snow. I’ve no inside information however my Girl Guide motto remains with me. Be Prepared! And quoting the captain (I think it was him) in Hill Street Blues, Be careful out there!

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2 thoughts on “High Impact – Not A Scratch”

  1. We just accept what comes, right! Sometimes this is hard. In Edmonton this morning it’s -30 C and roads are icy. My business partner fell in a parking lot and broke his shoulder – requiring surgery. Accidents do happen but the sky is blue and all my bones are intact so…. time to plan a ski trip.


  2. Brr, it is the depth of winter in Alberta. I know just how it feels. Yes, we accept what comes. Yes, sometimes that is hard. I was always amazed to see people out jogging in the sub zeros. Not many, but some. But your partner wasn’t jogging: sorry for the bloke. It is the small falls that seem to do the most damage. Unfortunately.

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