Out Into The Light

Amazing what a bit of sun can do. Happened upon the Buddha this afternoon caught in a sun beam. Paused a long moment before chasing down my camera to record the moment, for you.

Buddha with ‘wheel’ of amber

Earlier pleasantly surprised to find my brain working sufficiently well to string a few sentences together of a thoughtful nature. It has been almost a month now, traveling unknowingly in brain fog. That’s the fog that engulfs the mind and has one locked into an all consuming world of pain and worry. The fog has lifted and now I know why thinking and writing has been such a struggle.

Amazing what a bit of sun can do. Lifts the spirits. Packed a flask of hot water, milk and a tea bag this afternoon. Climbed up a nearby field and paused for a long moment sitting against a stone wall. Brrr, still a bit chilly.

The unmoving wall looking towards the Yorkshire Dales

Yesterday I did nothing for two minutes. If you want to give it a try follow the link and then click on the ocean to start the timer. Two minutes seems like an eternity so accustomed am I to moving a mouse and tapping the keyboard when looking at my computer screen. Remembering my two minute eternity of doing nothing I chose to observe inactivity up there by the wall. Nature lends itself to quiet contemplation.

Amazing what a bit of sun can do. Shafting across the chilled land, picking out the school bus taking children home to distant farms and hamlets. So good to have this chance to sit and drink tea in the company of sheep, and my own non foggy brain!

In the folds of the Upper Eden Valley

I know I am not alone, a lone suffer of what I am calling brain fog. There’s a long list of physical, mental and emotional states which has the brain less than sharp. Which locks the person into themselves, sometimes for years at a time. My troubles have been small and short lived. Writing now, thoughts of those whose mental capacities are compromised, perhaps long term, sends a light of small appreciation for what that must be like.

What ever the level
of light,
pausing long enough
to allow what’s there to
enter in
is a very good thing.

Many thanks to the reader for the link referred to in this post.

This is a follow on post to Pains In The Head.

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4 thoughts on “Out Into The Light”

  1. Thank you Reverend Mugo for the lovely words and photos. Also for the link to the “do nothing” site. The first time I went there, almost immediately it popped up a red sign saying FAIL. The second time, FAIL. Aha, I thought, by clicking on the ocean I’m “doing something.” So I won’t. Went back a third time and 30 seconds later — hands folded neatly in lap — FAIL. Seems that particular word has lost some of its persuasive power over me. I went back a fourth time and got to Well Done. As was this fine post.

  2. Caught me out the same way. Although you were much more thoughtful. I got the timer started by accident – I did something! Well done about the Well Done! and glad you like the post which I enjoyed crafting. Let’s have light, lots of it.

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