Hitting The Ground Running

It struck me this morning at 11.04 am that today, in England, is Remembrance Day. At 11.00 am precisely people are encouraged to stop what they are doing for one simple minute in remembrance of those killed in war. This event stated after WW1 and continues on to this very day. Rare I think that the eleventh of the eleventh falls on a Sunday. People are out on parade, laying wreaths and sporting the Remembrance Poppy about their person. I was driving at 11.00, from North Norfolk back to where I am staying for the moment in North West England. So I am pausing now…and using this on-line timer.

Landing back after three days away it is so easy to hit the ground running. Unpacking, catching up, planning and preparing for the next away time. Tea? No, just this post, a moment to remember and then out for a brisk walk to iron out those traveling/driving wrinkles.

It really does take effort and a firm hand to slow down, and stop. And then start up again refreshed and renewed. Remembrance, deliberately bringing to mind with compassionate attention is to offer merit.

On this day remembering ALL killed in war or who suffered, are still suffering, from the consequence of war.

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