Left Foot Forward!

Sometimes which ever way one looks it’s not clear which direction to move in. And moving seems to be what’s called for. There is a sense of being stuck, unable to move. This is not an uncommon dilemma and the standard advice is to just take a step. And possibly this might mean it’s a step in in a direction that one ends up not ultimately going in, but at least it’s a step.

What comes to mind are stepping stones across a river or stream. The stream needs to be crossed and there are so many options. Too many options. Stepping out onto the nearest rock, landing there and then looking around for the next best rock is a way to progress. And on and on. Sometimes retracing ones steps is necessary and even going back to the bank and finding another crossing point. At least there is forward movement even if it’s a three steps forwards and two back.

Another way to deal with that stuck feeling is to do nothing! Wait, be patient. Conditions around and within each of us are constantly changing and it has been my experience that the next stable rock to step out onto presents itself in a timely way. I’d say at the right time.

Here’s a post that talks about getting unstuck. Personally I don’t hold with his advice to go down the wrong path because that implies there is a right path when in practice there are multiple choices opening up, constantly.

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