Home is?

A friend said recently that she didn’t know where home is anymore. And I can completely understand having recently packed up and stored everything that represents ‘home’. Pots and pans, altar items, books and spare clothing. Not to mention my walking boots and sundry other items. Bedding.

My instant response to my friend comment was ‘home is where your heart is’. I said nothing and have been sitting with the question of what and where that is has been with me ever since.

But my plane is taxiing….more later.

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6 thoughts on “Home is?”

  1. Home is…. in several places: on either side of the Channel for me, and other beloved countries and cities. Wherever a little of my heart has been touched. If so, then it may even be in places and with people who are no more?

  2. Dear Rev. Master Mugo, you have a wonderful heart and you are very generous with sharing your home with all of us.

  3. ‘Home’ is such an important and fundamental part of how we understand who we are. I think home can be wherever we can feel free to express our nature as clearly, as completely as we’re able to, without anxieties or constrictions, and feel embraced and accepted. And so not anything static or permanent, but with the potential to be found anywhere, in any moment.
    One of my favourite quotations:
    “You can go home again… so long as you understand that home is a place where you have never been.” [Ursula le Guin, The Dispossessed]

  4. Dear Rev Master Mugo
    I agree with Jisho ~ you have a wonderful open heart &
    openess to everyone & everything…
    Thank you for Jade Mountain & sharing so much.
    Nic Yaffey

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