Horse In Hand

Sometimes with company, mostly alone and not on foot!

Yesterday, driving from Santa Cruz up past San Francisco and the East Bay to Meadow Vista above Sacramento I began to feel like the whole world is surfaced with tarmac (black top). There’s an incredibly complex system of freeways in this area of California where, at the very least, the freeways have three lanes, that makes six each way and a maximum of six lanes, adding up to a massive twelve lanes each way. Which all adds up to a lot of black ribbons snaking across the landscape.

And I drove and I drove, at around 70 mph, with cars side by side and one behind the other all driving at around 70 mph, or faster. When the traffic reporter says, the traffic is moving freely, this is what they mean! When it isn’t moving freely that’s when I am extra careful, and nervous. There is then much speeding and slowing down, cars switching lanes playing the odds on which lane will move next, and fastest. The danger of getting rear ended is huge, and the risk of not stopping quickly enough and running into the car ahead is ever present. Freeway driving for hours on end is a mental and physical work out. Tomorrow will probably be the last freeway trip I’ll be making on this journey.

Hope you like the photograph. It reminds me of happy times spent with Venus the horse at Pine Mountain Temple. I have known a lot of horses and ponies through my life. I find them exceptional communicators, mind to mind. And Venus was sweetly vocal with her whinny too. Heavenly horses.

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7 thoughts on “Horse In Hand”

  1. Hi Reverend Mugo

    Lovely shot, really well composed, smashing texture afforded by the ground. I would like to use the snap as wallpaper on my computer, if that is alright with you? I also really like the hat!



  2. Andy, Thank you and do feel free to use the picture as you wallpaper… And so sorry not to respond to your comments, sorry not to have responded to anybodies comments for so long.

  3. How good to know you are still there following along. Glad you like the photograph. It was one of many I took while walking Venus back to her field one afternoon.

  4. We travel the well worn dusty path,
    Sometimes alone or
    In company;
    We each
    Help the

    Thanks RM Mugo, just in the midst of reading pilgrimage books that take place along Silk Road. Timeless photo.

  5. Reverend Mugo,

    The wonderful horse photo above the text on Bay Area freeways is a fine contrast. Driving on freeways (outside the Bay Area!) for me always opens the mind, sets free the consciousness restricted by tight spaces and crowding. As I said, this refers to freeways outside the Bay Area, LA, etc. City driving is another thing altogether; in Portland, I’d take the horse (there are still little metal rings embedded here and there in the sidewalk for horse-parking).

  6. You were in my neighborhood, and posted this pic, on my 46th birthday. I agree with Andy, it’s a delightful “wallpaper” for our computers. With the shadow of a Zen monk, and a horse on a dusty western road, my mind flashed back to the Kung Fu TV show. Silly, I know. Maybe not so silly? I’ll have to watch reruns and see how silly. I seem to recall, as a child, having to ponder the lessons from the show. Maybe some of it sank in?

    Do you know Jisho Warner, in Sebastopol? You should stop in at Stone Creek sometime to say hello.

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